With Tanks DLC around the corner we couldn't help from creating a mission dedicated to tank war fans.
The MACE TANKS DLC mission is already on the server. The Tanks DLC vehicles are disabled for now but they will be enabled once the DLC is out on April 11th.
In this Sector Control mission you will get tanks, of course, APCs, engineers to deploy/undeploy AT mines around the sectors and pilots to airlift all these vehicles around the map and spy on enemy forces. No AT infantry, no attack helicopters, no jets, just rolling steel ;-)
Join us for the special event dedicated to this mission or just play a casual game on our dedicated server any day you wish.

New Advance And Secure Mode


As promised, the new AAS game mode is now available since version 1.11 of MACE CTI mission. This mode features static and dynamic sector layouts. With dynamic layouts admin chooses at the beginning of the game how many sectors will be on the map and which sectors are linked together.
In this mode your team can only attack sectors that are linked to already controlled sectors. This encourages players to fight together for a smaller set of sectors instead of letting each one of them choose among 20 sectors.

Everyone is invited to join us during the events and experience great teamwork, action, challenge and fun as always !

Here is the sector layout you will be fighting in :

MACE Reloaded

Welcome to the new MACE website.

This one is faster to navigate and mobile friendly so it's easier to stay in touch with news and events.

After this long break we'll start the weekly battles again with MACE CTI mission which is more simple to play (complex gameplay rules were removed such as vehicle restrictions based on number of players) and should attract more players.

The MACE CTI mission will soon feature a modified Advance & Secure game mode where a sector can be connected to multiple sectors. Only sectors connected to controlled sectors can be attacked and captured.