Teamwork - Action - Challenge - Fun

All started in 2001 when eRazer fell in love with Operation Flashpoint (the ancestor of ArmA). At some point after playing countless singleplayer and multiplayer hours in OFP he decided it was time to use his noob programming skills to make the perfect multiplayer mission.

As time was passing by various attemps were made and eRazer increased his mastery of the ArmA 3 scripting language SQF:

  • 2005: OFP PvP mission with no respawn and a lame player menu interface
  • 2006-2012: ArmA 1 then ArmA 2 CTF & DM mission pack which helped eRazer build a more user friendly menu (thanks to NextgeN and BarBarosso from ToK)
    ZDROB CTF & DM Templates Guide PDF
  • 2009-2012: ArmA 2 Battlefields PvP is the first playable implementation of the idea born in 2005 (thanks to BarBarosso for helping with tests in exchange for listening to his exploits in the Turkish army expeditions)
    Battlefields Manual PDF
  • 2012: NextgeN introduces PAC players to eRazer which like the gameplay style in Battlefields mission
  • 2013: ArmA 3 port of Battlefields mission renamed to Total War (thanks to Voy and PAC (Polish ArmA Community) who helped with testing and ideas since this moment up until 2017)
  • 2014: Total War was used in Make ArmA Not War contest
    Total War Steam Group created and mission renamed to Total Warfare
  • 2015: MACE name (Multiplayer ArmA Combat Engine) is chosen for the new community (thanks Voy/PAC for logo design, name and ideas) created around Total Warfare mission which evolves into MACE missions (Vanilla then with RHS addons)
    www.arma-mace.com is created along with the MACE dedicated ArmA 3 server
    Zengin is a script bundle entirely coded by eRazer which has evolved since Battlefields mission, then Total War(fare) and is now used in MACE missions as an addon
    9GU Italian players and PAC Polish players participate actively in weekly MACE events
  • 2016: Zengin is transferred to Steam workshop
    An attempt to create a MACE Campaign fails although a new Search & Neutralize gameplay mode is implemented with 3 flavors (timebomb, rescue and disable)
    There are difficulties to get more players participate in the events due to complexity of the gameplay rules and addons management as well as poor advertising strategy
  • 2017: Zengin is modified so it can be used in an addonless (Vanilla) MACE mission
    MACE community faces some difficulties as its PAC backbone desintegrates
    MACE CTI mission is created as an attempt to attract sufficient players for organizing more interesting weekly battles
    eRazer keeps the fire burning by taking charge of MACE website and ArmA 3 server (forever!)

Evolution of the game menu:

ArmA 1 CTF


ArmA 2 Battlefields


ArmA 3 Total War


ArmA 3 Total Warfare